Values Of Inclusion, Acceptance and Contribution To Society – Time For Our Education System To Include Them In The Curriculum!


Every child is unique. God has created each one of us in a unique way and hence, we have our own unique purpose of life and our own unique way of contributing to the society. As education gets more and more commercialized, the sanctity of this profession seems to have taken a back seat. Where Gurus were given the highest order in the society, today money, success and materialistic gains have taken over where values, morals and respect once thrived. All our educational efforts are guided in making our children money minting machines, irrespective of ethics and morals that they sometimes leave behind on their way to the top. Personal gains have overtaken collective gains and each one is killing and fighting for their own selfish causes.


How come we have come so far away from our ethics, without even realizing that we are nurturing a generation which might be very smart at technology, but will fail to contribute to the society, and might end up destroying the beautiful way of community life that brings collective welfare and happiness.

During Mahabharata, everybody was picking sides. The world was divided in the fight for Dharma. Either the Kauravas, or the Pandavas – everyone was rendering their support to the ones they felt was right, only to support the cause of the path of righteousness. In all this, there was one person- Kind Udupi, who refused to take sides and yet wanted to contribute to the cause. He thought, irrespective of which side anyone took, they would need food to fight the war. Therefore, Udupi decided, that he would support both sides by providing them food for their soldiers and contribute his share to the war.


Every day, Udupi would arrange food for all, irrespective of which side they fought at and the food would never fall short. One day, someone asked Udupi how he estimated the amount of food that would be required each day, since a lot of soldiers died on both sides, each day of the war. Udupi answered that he keeps a bowl of peanuts in Krishna’s room each night and then count the number of peanuts that the Lord ate each day, which gave him an idea of how many men would die in the war the next day. If Krishna ate 5 peanuts, 5000 men died the next day. This was how he was estimating the amount of food required and how his food never fell short.

Without picking sides, without judging who was right or wrong and only on his faith in God and humanity did Udupi succeed in contributing his share and serving the cause of religion and righteousness. Therefore, I say, it is time that we teach our children that irrespective of the good, bad and grey, they should contribute to the society. They must be taught to have an inclusive, adaptive and accepting approach in life and be open to giving back to society.

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Values Of Inclusion, Acceptance and Contribution To Society – Time For Our Education System To Include Them In The Curriculum!