Not just the schools, it is equally important that the parents understand how today’s children are and what they really need to do, in order to ensure a bright learning experience for their children. The earlier generations, including our parents and us too, grew up in an environment where it was very natural instinctive parenting. Children had a lot of support, owing to the joint family culture. Even if the parents were busy, there were many other children in the family and each one was looked after by all members of the family. Therefore, it was an extremely different and convenient environment for the children to grow. These days, parents live in isolation and are mostly working, who need to earn money to be able to sustain and yet, manage to give time to their children. Thus, parenting has now become a skill that the parents of today need to acquire.

Now in order for the parents to acquire this skill, they need to first understand the impact that right parenting has on the children. The parents need to figure out the different things they can do in order to make their children’s lives better, effective and positive and to ensure that their communication with the children and their efforts bring out desired positive outcomes. Thus, the need to write about parenting is very critical. In my experience of working with so many parents in all these years, the most amazing thing that comes out is that every issue gets aggravated, no matter how small it is. The constant comparing that parents do leads them to turn even petty issues like bed-wetting into hysteria for themselves. The stress of comparison and always trying to be a super parent, along with managing their work lives as well, has somewhere taken a toll on the work-life balance of the parents, leaving them with a guilt of not being able to match up the parenting standards that they had set for themselves.

What we as parents need to immediately understand is that the parenting style needs to change as and how a child enters a different age group, which we, for now, do not do. We treat our children in the same way, at all stages of their lives, without realizing that at each stage, children have different needs and it is important that the parents understand these needs and address them accordingly. The parenting style needs to evolve wherein the different needs of the children at different stages of their lives are understood, which is the primary reason behind writing these books. They will help parents to understand the different styles of parenting and how best to understand the needs of the children at each stage and look after them carefully.