Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.

These words kept ringing in my ears and made frequent visits to my thoughts when the awakening realization occurred to me that even though the world is changing and growing by leaps and bounds, the education system in India remains in its primitive forms of rote methodology of learning, with the only focus being to pass the exams. Students were only taught to “think”, but not “how to think”. This thought was what started my journey into transforming the face of the education system in India.

Began my career by teaching students with special needs, moving on to teaching in regular schools and then in colleges. As the hunger and the need for more skills and knowledge rose inside, I decided to pursue higher education and then finally my doctorate. So from Masters in Special Education to a PhD in Education, my best efforts to hone my technical and learning skills to the best of my capability have been put to work, only to be able to pass them on to students and facilitators, in my effort to bring about a change in the way education is imparted in our country.

There came a time in my life when I realized that if a change had to be brought about, I would have to move out of the classroom setting and look for a bigger platform with a wider reach, to implement the changes prospected. This opportunity struck when I joined Educomp Solutions Limited, to set up their R&D Division. Now for those who do not know what Educomp and its R&D division are, it is an organization that works towards the cause of bringing about a contemporary revolution in the classroom study in schools across the country with a mission to provide accessible quality education to all.

My first accolade was the development of “Little Millennium”, which was a comprehensive curriculum for pre-primary levels that was skill based. From then on, there was no stopping. I had discovered just how I could achieve my dream of revolutionizing education system in India. By leading a capable team of researchers, educationists, content writers, designers, and artists – we developed the “Millenium Learning System” which was another milestone in my journey. My task did not end there – not until rural education was taken into account. In a country where 70% population lives in rural areas, how could I dream of bringing about a change without including them in the plan? That is when the “Scaffolding Learning System” came into existence, which was made to make learning fun and easy for the rural population, along with imparting life skills to them with the help of the “Sustainable Life Skills Learning System”. Many more such systems were conceptualized and developed and added to my kitty. Other successful fields I worked in were – holding parenting workshops, introducing technology to classrooms and providing training to the teachers so as to make them capable facilitators. All this before I graduated to become the business head at Educomp where I was heading 30+ schools under their flagship, ensuring that the ideas, philosophies, and methodologies that had been developed in all these years were being implemented in imparting knowledge to those who will become the future of our country.

My 11-year long association with Educomp did come to an end, though not literally, in 2015 when destiny took me the larger way, which is when Millenium Education Management was set up. Now MEM is the master franchisee which will set up schools using the products and programs developed under at Educomp and through which I now realize my dream of setting up educational institutes that focus on developing life skills, molding their values and providing them with education that will educate not just their minds, but also their hearts – all in all, re-establishing the joy of learning!